Thursday, January 17, 2013

Homemade Body Butter

Tomorrow night there will be Ladies Night with Ningxia Red at my house! It will be fun sampling the new Ningxia Red and getting together just to visit. I decided that a great gift to give some of my lady team members is a foot soak and foot rub. This is a recipe that I created  as foot body butter for after the foot soak. We will see how it turns out!

Here is the recipe:
1 ounce bees wax (Grated wax, not in a solid clump)
8 Tblsp Extra Virgin Coconut oil
4 Tblsp Apricot oil
4 capsules Evening Primrose oil
12 drops Young Living Carrot seed oil

I mixed this in a double boiler, melted the beeswax first, then added the other oils. After it cooled I added the carrot seed essential oil. Why Carrot seed oil? I read that it's good for the skin and the smell when mixed with the coconut oil is sweet and delicious!

***If you want to read a great blog, to to the Young Living blog. They just announced that one of our favorite essential oils that has always just been a roll on is now available in a 15 ml bottle. Can you guess what it is? Yep, it's the much loved Stress Away!

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  1. That sounds so nice! You are so good at making up your own recipes and such for things for the body :)

  2. Thanks Kate! The foot rubs I gave ended up being very enjoyable and the foot body butter was amazing. It smells great too!