Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Some Tender Loving Care

Some days are just difficult. There are challenges at work, illness, and maybe a few family issues. What do you do when everything seems to be  going against you? Do you throw yourself on the floor and have a fit? Sometimes I feel like doing just that! 

Here are a few suggestions to help lighten the load. These are things that I do when I am feeling down and out:

1. Call a friend. A listening ear can be a great help.
2. Eat a brownie, hehehe. I made brownies the other day and only ate two. No guilt, total enjoyment.
3. Watch a funny movie. I have a friend who was having a bad moment one day. I happened to stop by quite unexpectedly and found her crying. I told her to watch something funny to take her mind off things. When I called later to check on her she was watching Betty Boop Cartoons and feeling better! Way to go girl!!
4. Do something nice for someone else. This always helps lift my spirits.
5. If you can't leave what you are doing, take a few minutes to breathe. Quickly write down 10 things you are grateful for.
6. Grab an essential oil! Duh!! My granddaughter was having a difficult day a while back. What did she do? Well she just threw herself on the floor. It's what her sister did that was an act of love and kindness. Her big sister went for the oils, lifted up her sisters blouse and began administering love. 

I hope you all have someone in your lives as caring as this big sister!



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  1. I'm glad I have big sisters now. Especially Shalane. She's has been a big comfort to me over these last few stressful months :)

  2. I am glad for you. Shalane spills love all over me a LOT. Some of the family think I spoil her, but it's the other way around.