Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Meeting Gary Young

This past week my husband and I attended the Young Living International Grand Convention held in Salt Lake City Utah. It was a beautiful event filled with fun, music, entertainment and a brain full of information! During one of the workshops on the first day there while listening to Gary Young, the founder of Young Living Essential Oils, I had the impression to share my "Wall of Terror" story with him. I felt that he may like to know that the oils do work and his presentation last year in one of his workshops had a profound affect on me. My thoughts argued with me saying that Gary was far to busy to take time to listen to my story. I decided to turn it over to spirit and felt that if it was part of the divine will, Gary would be put in my path and the opportunity would present itself for me to share my story with him. 

As the last workshop of the first day as convention was coming to a close, my husband and I sneaked out a little early to take a quick look at the Product Expo. When we entered the room guess who was standing there with his lovely wife? There stood Gary and Mary with only a few people standing by them. I whispered to Mary that I felt spirit had directed me here to tell Gary my testimonial about the oils. She made sure that I was able to share my story with Gary. When I finished he hugged and thanked me. Thank you spirit for that divine guidance and special experience. What a great way to start convention! 

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  1. How wonderful that you had the opportunity to share your story with him! I would imagine that hearing it was very special for him, too.

  2. Yes it was great to share with him. Thank you!